Urban Horticulture Design is a landscape design/build firm based on the idea that the environment in which we live is as important to the ecosystem as any other environment. Understanding the urban environment as a part of nature and that what we do to shape that environment has long reaching impacts on not just the quality of the surroundings in which we live, but also beyond the borders of the urban environments into what we consider nature. We see individual sites as part of an ecosystem, each site from a small urban garden or roof deck, to a corporate campus, to a suburban landscape to a city park plays an important role in the well being of our environment. The spaces that we create function on many levels, we use design to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, livable and workable.

Urban Horticulture Design was founded in June 2013 by Andrew Leonard and Alexia Morosco. The pair previously worked together for six years at Winston Flowers developing a successful Garden Design department with a focus on residential and commercial exterior and interior landscaping and maintenance. In 2010 Andrew left to pursue his masters degree in Landscape Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. After completing his degree Andrew and Alexia rejoined to start their own firm.

Urban Horticulture Design provides design and build services to corporate, private and industry clients.  We can provide design drawings, installation, and maintenance of our designs.  With over thirty years of combined experience in the horticultural industry we can select the right plants for even the most difficult spaces.

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