We provide a full range of design drawings from napkin sketches to fully rendered plans.  We will work with each client to determine what drawings will be needed based on the scale and complexity of the project.

For large scale projects we can produce renderings and concept drawings of key elements, and any necessary diagrams to accompany the plan.


We offer a wide range of services from full estate landscapes to small urban courtyards. We will create a design that compliments your home or business utilizing plants that will thrive in their environment.

We can design new landscapes as well as additions to your existing garden, such as trees and shrubs for beauty or privacy, speciality gardens as well as hardscaping.

In order to ensure the best results for your project we offer ongoing project management for all phases of design and construction. This service allows us to work directly with all of the vendors and designers that are working in tandem on the project to provide direction and ensure that project budgets and timelines are on track. We can also assist in the interview process for vendors as well as the review of bids for each project area.

Because we believe that outdoor spaces are an extension not only of  your personal style but an extension of the overall environment in which we all live careful attention is placed on techniques and the selection of materials.


Roof gardens provide a wonderful environment to relax and entertain. The addition of platers and plantings can only improve the already amazing sensory experience of spending time in your outdoor space while taking in the entire city.

Green roofs are not only amazing aesthetically they have also been given the attributes of helping to insulate our dwellings, reduce the impact that flat reflective or heat absorbing surfaces have on the environment as well as  filter rainwater in urban settings.

We can assist in all phases of roof deck and green roof design, installation and maintenance as well as project management should your project require hoisting, carpentry and irrigation.


From one time clean-ups to ongoing  garden maintenance we can help you keep your garden looking beautiful.

Periodic maintenance as often as necessary can including weeding, fertilizing, deadheading of annuals and perennials, aesthetic pruning of shrubs and small trees, supplemental watering and the care of small lawns.

Spring clean-ups which can include leaf removal, mulching and fertilization, division of perennials and any other services required to get your space ready for the season.

Fall clean-ups which can include leaf removal or composting, perennial cut backs and division, mulching, the emptying of seasonal planters and or moving tropical plants indoors for the winter.


The interior space is just as important as the outdoors, especially in the urban environment.  Interior plants can bring energy into any interior space as well a providing health benefits from cleaning the air to enhancing your mood with some nature brought inside.

We offer interior plant design and maintenance for all spaces. Whether a corporate lobby or your home, plant and container selections must be done with a strong design intent in order to be successful. We will help you select containers that compliment your decor and plants that will accent your unique space.

Green wall technology is an exciting way to enhance the vertical spaces in your home or office.  We provide custom design and installation of green walls from artistic walls of air plants to fully grown in green walls.

We will also care for your plants and green walls, and offer customized onsite maintenance plans.  We provide interior plant maintenance services to the Boston and the Greater Boston area.


For the professional who would like to collaborate on a project we can offer assistance in multiple areas, from the initial design phase to the selection of materials we have a wealth of knowledge in multiple disciplines and can assist you in offering your client the best possible outcome. 

For the homeowner that prefers to do the work themselves but needs some assistance. If you are not sure which areas to address first, want to make sure that you are selecting plants that will thrive in each location or want to come up with a cohesive theme for your entire yard we can help.  We offer guidance and a step by step plan of how to go about creating the garden you desire.

If you later decide that you need help sourcing materials or with labor, not to worry we can step in there as well.