Mid Century Modern

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This beautiful Mid Century Modern house in Milton, MA was completely renovated over two years by the new owners.  The original entry was a broken asphalt walk that continued from the driveway and an overgrown foundation planting.

Not only was the walkway unsightly, but it’s completely impermeable surface constantly left standing water, accompanied by ice in the winter.

We began by re-grading the site, lowering the grade at the house where it had been built up multiple feet over time and took down a bulge in the middle of the yard to let the water drain away from the house and down the hill.

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The asphalt walk was replaced with natural cleft bluestone and a bed of crushed stone around it. The plantings were simplified and lowered so that the house stands out on the hill.  All of the new landscaping was designed using the straight lines common in Mid Century Modern design so that the landscape became a continuation of the design aesthetic of the house.

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With the new design in place the architecture of the house takes on the prominence it deserves.  All while creating a low maintenance permeable landscape.

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Year two the pack patio was completed.  The bluestone patio uses the same natural cleft bluestone as in the front walk and mirrors the dimensions of the three season porch that enters to it.  To the left of the patio a bed of Liriope has been planted to help with erosion control on the slope and to bed out in front of the guest room window while maintaining the lines of the mid century style.

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