South Dartmouth Landscape

19.1.31_GRR Materials and Pricing-2

The redesign of the landscape adjacent to this greek revival house in South Dartmouth, MA was part of a larger renovation designed and executed by the architecture design|build firm Stack and Co.  We worked with the architect to design a new back patio that would replace an old, undersized wood deck.  The space was designed to have separate “rooms” defined by the spacing in the pavers and the interaction with the structure.  The larger area between the kitchen and the main stairs to the sprawling back yard acts an outdoor kitchen and dining room.  The smaller area mirrors the dimensions of the dinning room and functions as an outdoor living room.


On the side of the house we constructed the granite steps and bluestone landing that was designed by the architect.  The entryway to the kitchen was given a fresh makeover to carry the design through all of the spaces and fix the existing issue of the heavily used entry becoming muddy.


Granite walls and antique granite steps were installed to create a clean look that blended the old with the new. The large central steps connect the house out to the rolling landscape.


A custom Cedar privacy screen was constructed to block the view to the neighbors garage while keeping the view over the historic fieldstone walls and fields open.





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