South End Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden

South End, Boston, MA

211 W Springfield_Complete_19

This garden was planted in one of the South End’s many difficult garden spaces.  Being about four feet below street level with the windows for the ground level apartment starting at grade the planting palette becomes incredibly restricted.  We did not want to use tall elements that would block the windows for the apartments so we decided to do a simple planting using low growing perennials that creates a subtle treatment that can be seen both from inside the apartment as well as when you walk along the sidewalk.

211 W Springfield_Complete_24

A simple contemporary design was done using only three elements, Liriope, Japanese Forest Grass and Hosta.  The Liriope and Japanese Forest Grass are semi-evergreen which will help to maintain winter interest until the snow falls.

211 W Springfield_Complete_2

We added a pot on the step to bring some color to the front entrance.

211 W Springfield_Before_15

We think its a marked improvement from before!

211 W Springfield_Before_10

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